Space Frame Structure

What Is Space Frame?

A space frame is a structural system, assembled of linear elements so arranged that the loads are transferred in a three dimensional manner. At times, the constituent element may be two dimensional. Macroscopically, a space frame often takes the form of a flat or curved space.

Space Frame Components

A space frame consists of axial members, which are preferably tubes, also known as circular hollow sections or rectangular hollow sections, and connectors, which join the members together. Other structural sections such as I- and H- sections are also occasionally used, especially if loads that are transferred to members between nodes cause bending in addition to axial forces. Where loads are applied only at nodes, circular and rectangular hollow sections have an edge over other section types because they are more efficient in compression, offering a higher radius of gyration for the same area.  Circular hollow sections have the further advantage that their moments of inertia are the same in all directions.

Advantages of Space Frames

Light Weight and Clear Spans

Due to the 3D nature of space frame system long and spans up to 180 m can be effectively accomplished in light weight steel construction, whereas this is incredibly troublesome in traditional structures, whenever finished with difficulty they will be heavier by two or three fold compared to space frames.

Corrosion Protection

Since space frames are factory produced as light weight segments maximum 3.5 m length, they can be Hot Dip Galvanized and over the galvanized surface they are additionally ensured by either by powder coat or liquid spray paint to shield the whole structure from consumption particularly when overhauled in amazingly destructive condition. This covering framework can warrant for a time of 10 years for first upkeep of the coating work on structure.
Conventional trusses, steel segments utilized are longer compared to Space frame components so Hot Dip Galvanizing and powder coating on these items are frequently not practical hence their corrosion resistance is weak demands regular maintenance and may prompt untimely disappointments.

Load Bearing Capacity

All components of the space structure contribute to the load carrying capacity. This is especially helpful when point burdens are connected to the structure.
Every component such as the high tensile space frame bolts, their sleeves, pipes, conical tips, pipe cone welds, spherical balls etc are structurally analyzed to detect the member limits both tensile and compressive to transmit.

Lighter Supporting Media

Burdens are circulated all the more equitably to the backings. This can decrease the expense of the supporting structures particularly when heavy moving burdens may be applied to the space frame.

Least Deflections

Deviations are decreased compared to plane structures of equivalent span, profundity and applied loading, assuming that the structural elements are of analogous size.

Incorporation of Service lines

The open idea of the structure between the two plane grids permits simple installation of mechanical and electrical services and air conditioning channels, sprinkler systems, fire fighting systems within the structural profundity of the modular structure.

Their fixing is facilitated as there is a normal framework of backings accessible accordingly decreasing or even removing the requirement for secondary steelwork to support them.

Constancy of the structure by static redundancy and resistance to seismic powers.

The static redundancy of space grids means that, as a rule, setback of one or a predetermined number of components, for example, the buckling of a pressure part, does not lead to entire breakdown of the structure.

Space frame structures have greater resistant to damage caused by flame ,explosion or earthquake.

Construction Accuracy & Simplicity of Installation

Space frames save construction time, because they use factory produced components that can be manufactured by fast production techniques, transported to the site and easily eracted


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