Airport Roof

The main attribute of airport structure is their long span roof covering with huge column distance. The integrated terminal buildings are designed with number of constructional creations

Sport Stadiums

It provides a futuristic solution for creating long lived and productive structures in cost effective manner. Aside from minimum construction time and great flexibility of designing , also preferred for their durability and sturdiness

Shopping Centers

The quality of roofing is remarkable good as the deflections are almost negligible because of the high inherent stiffness. Regardless of their light weight, these structures are intended to carry much heavier load and have a massive spanning capacity

Metro Railway Stations

The huge cantilevers and mega columns make the structure interesting. By using modular space grid structure supported by cantilever columns makes the roof aesthetically good with doubly curved.

Warehouses & Showrooms

Self supporting roofing system makes it feasible to build a warehouse in one span without trusses, purlins and rafters. The systems are mechanically fixed which guarantees better weatherproofing and a sterile and clean environment


In spite of their light weight, these structures are designed to bear much heavier load and have a massive spanning capacity. Installation time is minimal as the material is prefabricated from the plant.


Additionally , it is possible to include a wide range of structural and non-structural components, which upgrades their aesthetic appeal and furthermore improve their ease of use in various territories.

Exterior Decoration

The high adaptability of utilization of this one, from reticular curves to unending space geometries, with a singular covering applied only with ideal conditions in order to avoid abrasion and corrosion due to contact with principle pipe node structure

Interior Decoration

The absence of bolts, nuts, holes, overlaps or sealants, these structures require minimum to zero upkeep making them very cost effective.

Bus Stations

They carry loads by three dimensional action. Load applied at a point are not merely carried by the members meeting at that joint but are dispersed to be shared by a large number of other members. It is this possible to transfer heavy concrete loads to any joint.

Exhibition Pavilions

They are an elegant and economical means of covering large column free spaces for a variety of applications.


Because space frames are put together by using precise, factory made components, unskilled labour is adequate for their assembly and erection.


Specialized in engineering, design, manufacturing, and installation of steel and aluminum space frame systems for long-span, colomn-free and large volume structures and their industrial as well as architectural applications, has realized a wide range project in United Arab Emirates and internationally.


  • Space Frame Systems
  • Skylight
  • Standing Seam Cladding
  • Car Parking Shade Structure


  • Airport Roofing Structure
  • Shopping Malls
  • Sport Stadiums
  • Warehouses & Showrooms
  • Hangars
  • Mosques
  • Canopies
  • Interior & Exterior Decorations
  • Exhibition Pavilions


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